Savor every moment. Savor every drop.

Crémas. Rum cream. Coquito. Eggless Eggnog.

However, you have come to know cream based liquor, set aside your expectations and experience, Glacée.

Glacée is a premium liquor brand currently offering five flavors: Original, Noir (coffee and cognac), Brûlé, (salted caramel) Doux (dulce de leche) and Marron (peanut).

More than a seasonal indulgence, Glacée is meant to be shared, enjoyed and experienced.

Whether it's your weekly date night, girls’ night out or night cap after a long day Glacée is there for you.

Glacée: savor every moment, savor every drop.



(845) 587-4767 (text preferred)




(845) 587-4767 (text preferred)

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